ViFinance US Stocks Index vs 26 657 Global Funds
Once every one or two years, I conduct a research study on the performance of global
funds, as well as specifically focusing on funds consisting of large-cap US stock. This is
necessary to properly evaluate the results of our Core Portfolio and compare its
performance not only with the S&P 500 but also with other professional funds.

Let's take a closer look at the situation among investment industry professionals.

Analyzing period: 5 years
Total funds (worldwide): 26,657
US equity funds: 5,571
US Large Cap equity funds: 3,261
For comparison, we will use the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) for the last 5
years (Total Return, including dividends).
CAGR S&P500 TR: +12.03%
CAGR ViFinance US Stocks: +17.13%

Data as of the end of the first half of 2023.

The performance data of all funds is consolidated into a single table and sorted by the 5-
year returns. We group them with a 1% interval to create a clear distribution chart, and
here are the results:
To my surprise this time:
S&P500 TR outperformed 96.32% of the funds.
Our Portfolio outperformed 99.67% of all funds in the world!

However, it would be more accurate to compare the Portfolio only with American equity
funds, as we exclusively use American stocks:
The S&P500 TR outperformed 86.90% of these funds.
Our Portfolio outperformed 99.75% of American equity funds.

It would be even more accurate to compare the Portfolio only with American Large Cap
funds, as we exclusively use large-cap stocks:
The S&P500 TR outperformed 79.11% of Large Cap funds.
Our Portfolio outperformed 99.75% of American Large Cap funds!
During the previous research conducted in December 2021, prior to the correction, our
Portfolio outperformed 97.6% of all funds and 92.4% of Large Cap funds.

But what's even more interesting is to take a look at the few funds that outperformed us.
There were only 8 funds out of 3,261.

Six of them are Baron Partners funds, with a unique asset distribution: 42% of their
portfolio consists of Tesla Inc. (TSLA) holdings. Their significant outperformance can be
attributed to the surge of Tesla in 2020-21. These funds manage $6 billion and charge a
management fee of 1.44% per year.
There is also the UBS AG FI Enhanced Large Cap Growth ETN (FBGX), a small
aggressive fund consisting of Growth Large Cap stocks, which experienced a nearly 60%
And there's the Fidelity Series Growth Company (FCGSX), also in the Growth Large Cap
If we look at the global funds that outperformed during this five-year period, they are
mostly leveraged ETFs, which come with triple the risk.
And that's it!

Furthermore, the list of outperforming funds changes with each research cycle. It's
unfortunate that the data is only available for a five-year period and cannot be extracted
for arbitrary durations, such as seven years.
Charles Schwab provides data for a 10-year period across 1,636 Large Cap funds. Over
that interval, with our current performance, only those same two Baron Partners funds
(with 42% Tesla holdings) outperformed us.

There are simply no public funds that demonstrate comparable results to our Portfolio
while being built on fundamental ideas and composed of companies with high-quality
businesses. And that astonishes me.
With tens of thousands of funds and thousands of professional managers, boasting
various credentials like CFA, MBA, PhDs, Harvard, and Stanford alumni, they have not
achieved the same outcome as our approach, which started as an experiment seven years
ago. In that experiment, everything - the history, the core idea, and most importantly, the
portfolio composition - was published openly. It all happened right in front of the eyes of
over 5,000 of my readers. I shared my portfolios and many of my real-time purchases.
Over a hundred investors replicated the Portfolio, some on their own and others with my